Monday, 27 January 2014

Can You Drink On Cipralex?

   Sooooo basically its obvious that you aren't typically supposed to drink while on anti-depressants, but asking for a teenager during their senior year of high school to remain sober just isn't realistic. I've read a bunch of things online saying that you can drink, you just have to watch the amount you drink. Basically anti-depressants get you drunk really quick. My friend once told me that 1 beer on Cipralex is the equivalent to 3. I'm not sure of how accurate that is, but you get the point. Many people are under the impression that you will literally die if you drink or something, which is very false. I drank a couple beers this weekend with friends and I was fine and actually felt it (now I'm a cheap drunk so thats cool). I'm gunna stay away from hard liquor and wine as I've heard many times that those do not go over well at all! Basically the trick to drinking with any anti-depressant is doing it in moderation and not going overboard!!!! Your tolerance is little to nothing now so take it easy with the shots!!!

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