Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A bunch of photos from my past week taken with my phone!

I'm taking a break from my homework to blog a bit (when am I ever going to use this sicence stuff again?). I take loaddddds of photos every week and I love sharing them! My week was filled with lots of sweets, food (as usual), and ink thanks to valentines day! February is just flying by, so remember to stop and enjoy it
much looooooooooove XXX

Monday, 20 February 2012

Smoothie of the week : if you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain

After my week in Cuba of drinking tropical drinks, I got inspired to make a pina colada smoothie! Its very very simple and reminds me of being down south
Start with pineapples - fresh, frozen, or canned work... I'm using canned.
Next add some shredded coconut 
Add milk until the fruit is covered, and throw in some ice
Pour, add some sugar, get a straw and enjooyyyyy xox

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Some inspiration

Looking through pictures of peoples decor always inspires me, and when I was home from school sick the other day I flipped through the ikea catalogue. Here are some of my favourite pages XX

Friday, 17 February 2012


A post dedicated to my recent favourite products 

 I have been obsessed with my skinny silver rings; I have many more but I of course couldn't find them! I don't have a lot of time in the morning to pick out jewelry, so I usually just slide on a few skinny silver rings and I'm good to go 
 I have been using these ponds cleansing wipes pretty much everyday. I use them when I come home from school or before dance when I want to quickly take my makeup off. I also pack them when I'm staying over at someone's house for before bed!
 When I first got this mini Tarte finishing powder I thought it would be kind of pointless...why would I need this? To my surprise I completely LOVE this product and use it everyday! It makes your face makeup last all day, and helps prevent shininess throughout the day. I have never had perfect skin, but this product is really making a huge difference in the look of my face makeup!
 I love this concealer quad - the green one has made its way into my ever day routine! The green cancels out redness and the pink helps to brighten. I plan on getting the makeup forever version of this palette soon now that I know I love it!
 If I ever want to give my skin a deep clean, I go to this! It helps with oil and has yet to break me out
 This hair mask is instant without a waiting time, and works really well! I use it a couple times a week and have noticed the difference in my hair
 I got this coach clutch in the summer, but have noticed myself using it tons lately! I've had tons of friends birthday dinners and such to go to, and have been grabbing this, throwing my phone, money and chap stick in and leaving!
My last favourite would have to be this Vitamin Schtick that I got a while ago, but only started using recently. It tastes great and is my favourite chap stick at the moment! I use it multiple times a day