Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cipralex Day 15

   One word. Exhausted. Holy shit now I know why they say to take this stuff at night, it makes you the most tired ever. Also the other problem is that it is also very hard to sleep on this stuff, no matter how tired I am, so it wouldn't really make a difference to take it at night. I already slept a ridiculous amount before I went on this medication since I am a typical teenager who needs a nap to get through the day. Now it's more like I need 2 to function. I've researched this and everyone says its very normal, I just feel like a fucking zombie when I can't get a nap in!!!!!! Also my dreams are so vivid it crazy, just like what happened on Prozac. This week has been probably the most tiring of my whole life. Fuck.

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