Monday, 16 January 2012

What's in my bag : Carry On

I am currently completely swamped with school work that I shouldn't really be blogging, but I thought I should de-stress a bit. So I am making this post with a cucumber face mask on and some relaxing tunes playing. I recently went to Cuba over the winter break, and wanted to share what I brought with me on the plane! 

-3 magazines (to keep me occupied during the flight and in the airport)
-A book, L.A. Candy by Lauren conrad (again for curing boredom, and great for the beach)
-A travel pack of Kleenex 
-Blistex chapstick in Raspberry Lemonade Blast (my all-time fav)
-York peppermint patties (such a yummy snack!)
-iPod and headphones
-Sunglasses in my bedazzled case
-Gladiator sandals (For slipping on while waiting in customs)
-Mittens (To put on when I return to Canada)
-A Scarf (For the same reason as the mitts, and airplanes are chilly!)

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