Sunday, 18 December 2011


I tired of hearing people complain about how bad their life is every single day and getting people to feel bad for them. I'm tired of people saying how hard their life is and how unhappy they are and how they want to kill themselves. I'm tired of people going on and on about how they hate the way they look and how they hurt themselves because of it. Take a look around you, you have food, you have a house, you have some sort of family. You have plenty to be thankful for. Everyone has things going on in their lives, no ones life is perfect. Someone always has it worse than you do, their is kids without a home, without clean water, and without food. You need to realize that your "problems" when put in a big scheme of things really just might not be that bad. Sure, everyone can find something to complain about, everyone does it, but we shouldn't. We are so blessed. So, our life isn't perfect... no ones is. Bad things happen... but bad things happen to everyone. We need to accept it, move on, and learn to be happy with what we have. 

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